Oops I did it again, the 100m T64 World Record is Mine

Oops I did it again, the 100m T64 World Record is Mine

Ten weeks before the start of the Paralympic Games in Paris, I reached a huge milestone. During the Grand Prix competition in Nottwil, Switzerland, I broke the world record for the T64-class 100 meters with a time of 12.46 seconds, improving the old world record by two-tenths. This confirms my top form for the upcoming Paralympic Games in Paris.

When I crossed the finish line in Nottwil, the clock showed 12.48, but I didn’t notice it. I only thought about my time after I had crossed the finish line. The euphoria only hit when Fynn van Buuren (head coach) and Hervé called me over after the race. That’s when I heard my time and realized what I had done.

I broke another world record!


This is the result of months of intensive training, discipline, and dedication. Yet, this race felt very relaxed, and I hit every step. This confirms that I am ready for Paris.

Of course, it’s bizarre that I can already say I have experience with this, as this was not my only highlight of the season. Last month, during the Harry Schulting Games in Vught, I also set a world record in the 200 meters with a time of 26.09 seconds. But I did not see this 100-meter time coming. These successes show that my training program and focus on details are paying off.

However, my world record in the 200 meters was broken by Marlène van Gansewinkel during the World Para Athletics Championships in Kobe, Japan, with a time of 25.73 seconds. Still, I fully support my decision to skip the World Championships in Kobe. By fully concentrating on the Paralympic Games, I believe I can achieve the most. This decision was not easy, but my performances confirm that it was the right choice to be optimally prepared. By focusing on my training and recovery, I can take my performance to a higher level.

Next week, I will be in Paris for the Grand Prix there. I look forward to pushing my limits again and continuing my preparation for the Paralympic Games. With each race, I feel stronger and more focused on my goal.

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This is insanity!
On my home track nonetheless!
I beat the world record set by Marlène van Gansewinkel in Berlin 2018 by completing the 200 meter in 26,02 second. There was hardly any wind, 0,1 m/s and I was in lane 2! What a season opener!